Benefits of a Double-Sided Hanging Fireplace

Almost all of us love designing our house and give it an extra touch of charm and beauty. Right from the sofa to the rug to even the type of lighting; we strive to create perfection. One such modern piece that is becoming a huge trend in completing the picture is the double-sided hanging fireplace.

Let’s see some of the advantages of installing such fireplaces.

High on safety

These fireplaces often have sturdy glass enclosures surrounding them from all sides. Thus, they prove to be an ideal choice if you have children around or have delicate showpieces and costly furniture. Their safety is unparalleled.

Striking centerpieces

The interior space might be big or small, but all could do with a focal point centerpiece, which makes a statement of its own as well as gives a signature look to the entire ambiance. These stylish and unique fire pieces provide an ideal solution to anyone’s needs. You can easily create a bespoke feel with them.

Even distribution of heat

Being double-sided, these fireplaces are often located between two full-sized areas. Due to this factor, they are able to better evenly distribute the heat than the traditional hearth, which is always placed against one wall. They tend to gather heat in one area rather than evenly distribute it, but the double-sided hearths do this to perfection.

Apart from these benefits, these fireplaces also save you plenty of space and energy bills. They never intrude in any room and warm up any two areas with equal aplomb. Thus, it is understandable why they are becoming the top choice with customers and designers.